"I Wish I Could Fly"  and "I Can Fly" were both originally published in 2006 in both hardback and paperback by "Lifevest Publishing" in Colorado.  A story about a lonely caterpillar wanting to fly not realizing the miracle of nature in store for him as he confronts other flying creatures and animals in his quest to fly. The 2nd edition is now available.
It's currently available at Amazon.com online for the Kindle listed at $ 3.99, and in paperback for $ 7.99.
"I Can Fly" is the sequel to the story above about the newly emerged monarch butterfly excited to be able to fly and now is searching for others like him before they start their annual migration. He meets other animals of the forest and obtains a clue from wise owl.
Also available to download for your Kindle at Amazon.com for $3.99, and in paperback for $ 7.99.

Lost in Antarctica is a story about a baby fur seal who gets lost from his parents and is saved by a Weddell seal and an elephant seal. He meets penguins and an adult fur seal who teaches him about the world around them and the changes coming. He also meets the largest carnivore of the seas.


Currently being re-formatted for Kindle and a paperback release at a later date.



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